DISCOUNTED RATES for BULK sessions.  Become a repeat client and receive instant DISCOUNTS in pricing.  Also free scratch tracks and tags become negotiable.

I happily stay as flexible as possible for all of my clients on a consistent basis.  Feel free to make me a fair offer!

I’m Interested in established and non established businesses. I may be flexible on my prices with new, up and coming businesses who are trying to take flight.  If can help, I’m happy to do it and gain a lasting and pleasant business relationship!



Professionally trained, Life trained,  and I love my job!  Each purchase comes with 1 tag included.  Additional rates may apply for rushing fees and/or additional tags.


All rates are in 15sec-30sec-60sec intervals.




Local market Small (50, 100, 200$) tags- 25-100$ per,

Local market Large (150, 250, 400$) tags 25-100 per,

Regional (200, 350, 500$) tags 75-200$ per,

National (500$, 1,000$, 2,000$) tags 100-300$ per



Local market Small (75, 125, 200$) tags-50-100$ per,

Local market Large (200, 350, 500$) tags- 75-250$ per,

Regional (250, 450, 750$) tags- 75-250$ per,

National (500$, 1,000$, 2,000$) 200-400$ per.


Additional rates may apply for reediting after Job completion