Joshua Meyer

Pro Voice Actor, Script Producer, Commercial and online Ad Creator

A Washington DC native, Joshua Meyer was raised in an incredibly diverse and multi cultured area of our nation’s capital. An experienced man who has dealt with people from all walks of life daily and has a very strong understanding and knowledge of human behavior and psychology.

Long term exposure to the elements of the metropolitan area, in combination of personality traits and upbringing, Joshua has become a very diverse and well rounded human being that has experienced nearly every emotion under the sun. This is a key and important feature to voice acting. When the actor has the ability to fully associate a script on an emotional level, that is the moment the script’s heart begins to beat and becomes reality.

A very distinct, recognizable, strong, comforting and authoritative voice. With background in live performance, music, leadership, sales and motivation.

Joshua is an athlete, a cook, food lover, Refined and Rugged, lover and fighter, caring, compassionate, happy and heartfelt with empathy and joy.

Whether you’re looking for a dumb jock or a refined intelligent man, Joshua will deliver the goods and services that bring your product’s message to life with its intended feeling. An expert communicator with fantastic clientele service values and skills.

”I pride myself in my ability to work closely with my clients to ensure they get the voice and sound that will carry their business to the next level.”

Sounds and dialects- covers vocals from ages 20-60.

Speaks English Neutral, Urban, All American, soft, strong, refined, articulate, charming, charismatic, athlete, sarcastic, kitschy, northern, Southern, Country Western, Midwestern, West cost, Surfer, Skater, Frat boy, dumb guy, tough guy, gangster, sarcastic guy, jerk, meathead, nerd, crazy guy and many more!