English American Male Voice Over

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“You Have a unique product. I have a unique voice.”

“If you’re looking for the guy next door, keep looking. I’m definitely NOT that guy.”

Josh has a deep, rich voice. The perfect voice for product branding.

Go straight to the source

-Why do clients hire me?-
“ The answer is simple… It’s simply who I am! My personality, my interpretations, and my voice.
My personality and voice have served me well in life… Similarly,  they will serve you too.
I’m an incredibly passionate and diverse person, equally passionate about being my client’s voice.
It’s a purpose and a privilege.  It’s what I do, in fact, it’s what I love.”

A Freelance Voice Over Specialist and Voice Talent -The D.C metropolitan area’s Premier Voice Over Talent. MSN alone has Josh’s Voice and Voice Overs featured Hundreds of times.

As a full-time Voice Over Pro, Josh completes over 150 high quality and high profile projects every single month!

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